resizable frames that connect

A space to display your child's artwork and family photos

Introducing maik, a new design innovation in framing systems.

Cleverly designed to fit your life, maik allows you to easily create an organised space for all the things you love to stick on the wall. At maik we believe that framing doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be simple, flexible and fun.

resize. reposition. lightweight

glass free, no hooks, no drills. The maik framing system comes with 12 straights, 8 corners and 28 connectors, packed in a small box. It makes 2 x A2 size with  10 different configurations. Made and Designed in Australia

organised. inspired. easy.

Hello, it’s Anthony and Naomi. We are the co-founders of maik. We like to put things on the wall as a visual reminder of what’s going on in our life. The problem is that it can get pretty messy. We couldn’t find anything to suite our needs so we created the solution ourselves. An adaptable wallframe that could change as our lives changed. How will you use maik through your life's journey?

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter Crowdfunding

New Shopify store coming in April 2019